3D Printed Pokeballs

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Get your 3D printed Pokeballs today

2 Pokeballs on stands

Go catch some Pokemon!


Pokeball opend up


These 3D Printed Pokeballs are about 83mm in diameter and they open up so you can put your valuables inside.




 You can order just the Pokeballs or you can add a 3D printed stand extra.
Any amount of balls and stands can be ordered as you prefer.

They are the ideal gift or item to show off on those Pokemon Go adventures.




These Pokeballs are printed from PLA material. Please do not leave them in the car or direct sunlight as they will become soft and might deform.


Note: 3D Printed items is not 100% smooth due to the type of manufacturing process and thus you will always see the different layer lines. If this is a problem for you please don't order these items. Thank you.

These items are printed on request when you order and might take a few days to manufacture.


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PokeBall - Fully Functional with Button and Hinge by MrFozzie is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.