Beehive entrance queen excluder - 3D Printed

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Beehive entrance queen excluder

I had a need to keep the queen inside the hive when i moved it and after doing some research decided to design my own and 3D print it.

Beehive entrance queen excluderIt is based on the normal queen excluder that we all use to keep the queen out of the super and in the brood chamber. I went through a few designs and this is version 5 and I tested it on a hive I moved and it worked as expected. The queen is still in the hive and the hive has settled in the new position.

I don't keep it on permanently just for a few days from the move to make sure the queen settled in and will not fly away.

Beehive entrance queen excluder

The queen entrance excluded are 3D printed in ABS plastic on demand and thus the color may change to what is available at the time.

The excluder cage is 90mm wide, 34mm high and 10mm deep. It attaches with a screw to the cage or even prestic for a temporary fix as in above.

Beehive entrance queen excluder