ARBBOT 30X30 Dual Color Extruder

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ARBBOT 30X30 Dual Color Extruder (2 Color Printing)

ARBBOT dual color printing

This is a custom designed unique 2 color 3D printer with a very large print area.

 Dual color 3d printer

ARBBOT dual extruder 3d printer



Brand: Custom Design

Product: 3D Printer

Model: 30X30

Controller: Ramps 1.4 with a Arduino Mega Printer Controller Board

Auto-bed Levelling: Yes / Servo based

Extruders:  2 x E3D compatible

Nozzle Diameter: 0.6 mm

Dimensions: 660mm x 660 x 750mm (30mm extruded aluminium frame)

Build Volume:  300mm x 300mm x 350mm

Power: 12Volt 20 Amp PSU

Colour: Black/Red

Build Surface: Heated Aluminium Bed (330mm x 330mm)

Weight: N/A

Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modelling

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Filament Compatibility: ABS/PLA/HIPS/NYLON

Stepper Motor: 1.8° step angle with 1/32 micro stepping

Connectivity: 1 x USB

Calibrated: Yes

Enclosed: No


ARBBOT 2 color dual extruder

ARBBOT dual color extruder

ARBBOT 2 color printed items


NOTE: This product is build on request and will take 3 weeks to complete. Minor changes and upgrades might be done that might differ from the pictures. This is due to constant development of this printer. Thus do not expect it to be shipped immediately.


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