B9Creator Resin 3D Printer

  • R 35,000.00

B9Creator Resin 3D Printer

B9Creations brings affordable 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing to businesses and individuals saving both time and money.

B9Creator Resin 3D Printer

Please have a look at the manufacturers website for more info.

 B9Creator 3D Resin Printer


 B9Creator DLP Printer


Here are specifications of B9Creator:

Layer thickness: 100 microns
Speed: 12~20mm per hour
Resolutions in the x/y plane (horizontal) of 50 to 100 microns are possible by adjustment of the projector's position and focus.
Resolutions in the z (vertical) build axis from 100 to less than 10 microns are possible via software selection.
At the 100 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 102.4 mm x 76.8 mm  x 203.2 mm.
At the 50 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 51.2 mm  x 38.4 mm  x 203.2 mm.
Software: Basic, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
Weight: ~13.5 kg
Overall size(HxWxD): 79 cm x 47 cm x 30.5 cm 


NOTE: This is a second hand printer but is operational.
There is 2 extra vats and spare resin included.

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