RepRapPro Ormerod 2 Kit

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RepRapPro Ormerod 2 Full 3D Printer

The RepRapPro Ormerod 2 complete 3D printing kit offers extensive versatility and functionality in an easy to assemble kit of parts. 3D printing enables electronics and mechanical engineers to create quick turnaround prototypes and save months in the design cycle.

Using a process known as fused filament fabrication (FFF), the Ormerod builds 3 dimensional objects in a variety of colors and plastics. FFF can create almost any shape which can be modelled on a computer, including some which could not be produced by traditional manufacturing techniques at all.

The Reprap software should run on a fairly low powered PC, so long as it can run at least Windows XP or higher (Windows 7 and 8 are fine), or Ubuntu 12.04 or higher. However, the faster the better. Under Mac OS X, 10.6.8 is the minimum requirement, which means the Intel processorbased Macs. This excludes all the old PowerPC (G4, G5) Macs, which have a different architecture, so the software won't run on them

The RepRapPro Ormerod is a single colour 3D printer
Full opensource selfreplicating RepRap
New 32bit Arduino-compatible Duet electronics enable control via a webbrowser
Wiring loom for simple plugin connection - no soldering
IR probing, with ambient light compensation, for selfaligned printing - no bed adjustment required
Printing materials: ABS, PLA, 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic
Build surface: Glass covered PCBheated bed to reduce complexity of assembly and to ensure parts do not warp
Computer interface: Ethernet, USB
Xcarriage: Three Zadjustable deposition head mounts; one head supplied
Motion: Linear ball bearings on X, Y and Z axes
electronics with builtin microSD card slot for standalone printing
Power Supply:
Worldwide universal voltage
Compact no trailing wires
Integrated into the machine not a separate box
Dedicated 12V supply; not an adapted computer power supply
No power distribution PCB needed


The RepRapPro Ormerod is shipped as kit of parts containing all the components required to get you printing. Full assembly is required
Technical help can be found by contacting us.

Supplied with

All printed parts
All hardware (threaded and smooth rods, screws, nuts, washers, belts, bearings etc)
and programmed electronics
MicroSD card + adapter
Heated PCB build surface
Nozzle assembly and extruder drive mechanism
100m of 1.75mm diameter PLA filament (approx 300g) for printing with
Plugs supplied (UK, EU, US, and AUS)
Software to run the machine is also provided with both, including the firmware for the electronics
1x reel of filament colour White


Technical data sheets Specification:
Build Speed:   1800mm/min
Build Volume:   200 x 200 x 200mm
Connectivity:   SD Card, USB
Dimensions L x W x H:   500 x 460 x 410mm
Filament Diameter:   1.75mm
Minimum Layer Height:   0.1mm
Multi Material Printing:   Yes
Number of Heads:   1
Plug Type:   Type A - USA 2-Pin, Type C - European Plug, Type G - British 3-Pin, Type I - Australian 3-Pin shipping or collection.