Wanhao White 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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Wanhao White PLA

Wanhao's PLA filament features a wide range of bold colors, good layer adhesion, and resilience. It is compatible with all 1.75mm FDM  3D printers and prints perfectly on these 3D printers.

PLA filament is our personal favorite
It can be printed very easily and without warping - this makes it perfect for getting started!

What is PLA?
PLA, short for Polylactide Acid is a multipurpose plastic and the most popular printing material used with 3D printers. PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch.

Advantages of Wanhao PLA filament:
A high-quality starting material
Diameter tolerances of ± 0.1mm checked with laser monitor
Smooth surface with even roundness
Lower melting temperature
Good flow properties
Little odor development
Less danger of clogging the nozzle, compared to ABS
Compatible with almost all 1.75mm FDM printers
No heating bed necessary
High quality means less waste
Easy to use
No heating bed necessary

Recommended temperatures when used with most 3D printers:
First Layer: 210 ° C
Printing temperature: 200 ° C
Raft temperature: 190 ° C
Heating bed temperature: 45-60 ° C

Manufacturer: Wanhao
Material: PLA
Diameter: 1.75 mm
No heating bed necessary
Printing temperature: 190-225 ° C
Heating bed temperature: 45 ° C - 60 ° C
Density: 1.25 g / cm³-21.5 ° C
Melt Flow Index: 5 (10min, 2.16kg)
Shock resistance: 5 KJ / m²
Dimensional accuracy: 1.70 ± 0.1 mm
Filament weight: 1 kg
Spool size: approx. 200 mm diameter, 50 mm spool mount, 65 mm height

1kg Wanhao filament on a spool
Vacuum sealed with desiccant to protect the filament from moisture!